Steep rises in cases and more

ORANGE COUNTY continues to undergo steep increases in new cases of coronavirus, as well as hospitalizations and ICU use (Shutterstock).

With the exception of deaths, other major measurements of the coronavirus pandemic in Orange County continue to show steep increases.

Monday’s report from the county health agency show that over the three-day period, 22,945 confirmed new cases were tallied, an average of 7,648 per day. Friday’s total was 6,428 and Thursday’s was 6,266.

Hospitalizations leaped from 779 to 964 and the use of intensive care units to treat COVID-19 patients increased from 122 to 140.

Deaths, however, declined from three to two, underlining the conclusion that while the Omicron variant – believed to be the spark behind the surge – was more easily transmissible but is also less dangerous.

Nationally, the number of new cases – over a 14-day period – rose by 216 percent, according to The New York Times – with deaths up by 17 percent. California’s numbers are higher, with cases up 1,039 percent and deaths by 138 percent, reports Los Angeles Times.


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