OC new COVID cases double

THE OMICRON variant is the cause of most new cases of coronavirus, appears to less damaging in its effects, according to studies. However, it is fueling dramatic increases in new cases (Shutterstock).

Confirmed new cases of coronavirus – believed principally to be from the Omicron variant – more than doubled in one day, according to Wednesday’s report from the Orange County Health Care Agency.

According to the OCHCA, the latest tally is 11,092, a new one-day record for new COVID-19 cases for the county. Tuesday’s sum was 5,081.

Deaths stayed even at three, but hospitalizations climbed from 1,013 to 1,071. The use of intensive care units to treat COVID-19 patients rose from 150 to 169.

So far, Orange County has experienced 413,978 cases, of which 313,929 are considered recovered. The death toll is at 5,914.

The number of county residents considered “fully vaccinated” as of Jan. 6 is put at 2.3 million. Another 900,815 are counted as having received booster shots.

Nationally, the new case rate of increase – over a 14-day period – is estimated at 185 percent by The New York Times, with deaths up 40 percent. In California, Los Angeles Times is reporting new cases up 344 percent over two weeks and deaths up 82 percent.

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