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Missiles, shells fall on Ukraine

KIEV (Kyev) is the capitol city of Ukraine (Flickr/Vaseka Photography).

Russian missiles continue to fall on cities in the Ukraine as the invasion of that country went into its 11th day. The latest target is Vinnystasia in the western part of the country, according to United Press International, a city of about 600,000.

Other cities have been subject to artillery shelling, including the capital of Kyiv (also known as Kiev).

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky continued to plead for a “no-fly zone” or the supply of more military aircraft to counter Russian jets. The U.S, and NATO have ruled out former as too likely to widen the war, but news reports claim that the Western allies are rushing to move planes and anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine from Poland, a NATO member.

Humanitarian corridors initially agreed-to by Russian forces quickly closed, according to the Ukrainian government, when shelling resumed.

Worldwide COVID-19 deaths near 6 million


The grim total of deaths worldwide from the coronavirus is nearing the 6 million mark.

According to Johns Hopkins University’s count, the total as of Sunday evening is 5,998,753.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases is at 446 million by JHU.

In the United States, there have been over 79 million cases and nearly one million (958,621) deaths.

Sports: Zags still top college hoops

As they have all season long, the Gonzaga Bulldogs (24-3) are ranked first in this week’s CBS men’s college basketball rankings.

Following are Baylor (26-5) in second, Arizona (28-3) in third, Auburn (27-4) in fourth and Kentucky (25-6) in fifth. Duke (26-5) fell from fifth to 10th after losing to North Carolina.

UCLA (23-6) is 13th and USC (25-6) is 24th.

Weather: Sunny days are here again

Too early to declare spring, and certainly not summer, but lots of sun and moderately warm weather are forecast for the West Orange County area through the week. On Monday, the daytime high should be 73 (overnight low of 48) with a dip to 71 on Tuesday and further to 68 on Wednesday before rising back into the 70s on Thursday. Breezy weather should remain, with winds ranging from 10 to 13 miles an hour.


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