Garden Grove

Stalking suspect arrested

A SUSPECT was Thursday for allegedly stalking and threatening a Garden Grove woman

A homeless man was arrested Thursday for allegedly stalking and making criminal threats against a Garden Grove woman.

According to Detective Sgt. Evan Beresford of the GGPD, Mark Anthony Torres, 39, a transient in Whittier, was taken into custody at 1:30 p.m. at 10074 Mills Road in Whittier.

Torres was being treated by a mental health counselor in 2021 and began to send “sexually aggressive and violent messages” to the woman’s work cell phone, and packages to her home.

The suspect allegedly also told the woman that he’d been at her home and “detailed how he was going to hurt her and her family.” Additionally, it’s alleged that Torres obtained her family’s personal phone numbers and made harassing and threatening telephone calls.

As part of a plan by detectives, the victim contacted Torres to arrange a meeting at Adventure Park in Whittier. He was spotted walking on Mills Road near the meeting point.  Torres walked into a nearby liquor store and when he exited the building, detectives took him into custody without incident.

Any witnesses or victims with information about this incident or others are asked to call Detective Lopez at (714) 741-5818.

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