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War is turning east in Urkaine

BORIS JOHNSON and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv before the Russian invasion began (Wikipedia/Ukrainian govt.)

The war in Ukraine continued to rage on as Russian forces appear to be preparing a major offensive in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

According to The New York Times, the invaders – stymied in their efforts to seize the capital city of Kyiv – have shifted their emphasis instead to eastern provinces where Russian-speakers are in the majority and a low-key separatist struggle has been going on for years.

The new commander of the invasion force is Aleksandr V. Dvornikov, who was accused of using brutal methods in Russian participation in the Syrian Civil War.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made an unannounced visit to Kyiv Saturday and promised to send 120 armored vehicles and anti-ship missiles.

Also in the News ….

Pittsburgh Steeler backup quarterback Dwayne Haskins died after being struck by a car Saturday morning on a Florida highway. The Highway Patrol said that Haskins was trying to cross Interstate 595 on foot when struck by oncoming traffic.

Sports: Angels, Dodgers have different missions

Both area Major League Baseball teams are in action today, but with separate aims. The Dodgers (1-0) will take on the Colorado Rockies (0-1) again in Denver with the expectation that that they are the odds-on favorite to make it to another World Series. Tony Gonsolin gets the start.

For the Angels (0-2), they need a victory soon to keep long-suffering fans from groaning, “Oh, no … not again.” Noah Syndergaard gets the pitching start.

Weather: Seventies back in fashion

You don’t need to wear a leisure suit or the collected works of Donna Summer to experience the Seventies. The 70s, we mean as the daytime forecast for then West Orange County for the next week. Sunday’s expected high is 73 with an overnight low of 58. There should be clouds in the morning with afternoon sun. Monday will have partly cloudy skies and a high of 70 (50). Sunny weather will arrive on Tuesday and continue through Sunday, April 17.

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