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1000s buried in mass graves?

A CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL in Mariupol (Wikipedia/Ukrainian army photo).

Ukrainian officials from the besieged city of Mariupol are claiming that Russian forces – which now occupy most of the port city – are trying to hide the bodies of as many as 9,000 civilians.

According to United Press International, the bodies may be buried in a mass grave in and around the town of Manhush. Satellite images have been cited as evidence of the killings.

Mariupol mayor Vadym Boychenko has estimated that 20,000 or more civilians have died in the Russian artillery and missile bombardments of the city.

In other related news:

  • President Joe Biden praised the “courageous” Ukrainian fighters and pledged another $800 million in military aid to Ukraine. It will outfit five new Ukrainian artillery battalions and more then 120 drones designed for use in repelling the Russian invaders, according to The New York Times.
  • Russian president Vladimir Putin has declared victory in Mariupol, but backed off on an earlier threat to kill the last remaining defenders holed up in a huge factory complex, according to the Associated Press. Although he claimed the battle was over, some sources say artillery fire is continuing.

Sports: Jerry West is not amused

JERRY WEST (WIkipedia/White House).

Lakers’ great and NBA icon – the league’s logo is based on his silhouette – Jerry West is not entertained or amused by the way he is portrayed in HBO’s “Winning Time” series.

Through an attorney, West demanded an apology and a retraction of what he called a “false and defamatory” depiction of his role in the beginning of the “Showtime” era of Laker basketball, sparked by the arrival of Magic Johnson.

Producers of the show point out that the incidents and characters have been altered for dramatic effect. The letter from the attorney, according to USA Today, points out that the scenes that West objects to – including considerable alcohol use and fits of anger – don’t appear in the book by Jeff Pearlman on which the series is based.

Weather: The sun’s almost here

After one more day of “mostly sunny” skies and daytime temperatures in the high 60 and low 70s, the West Orange County area can look forward to lots of sun. But not just yet. The forecast calls for Friday to have a mix of sunshine and clouds, with a high of 67 and an overnight low of 50. But on Saturday the thermometer is expected to jump to 78 (53) as the sun comes out. Sunday will be even warmer, with a high of 87 (59). Some clouds will be back on Monday but the high will peak at 89.

Business: Tesla’s electrifying profits

Tesla, the automobile manufacturer that led the electric car into the mainstream, reported on Wednesday it had made a profit of $3.3 billion, a rise from $438 million at the same time last year.

According to The New York Times, it was the biggest quarterly profit in the company’s history. The company has doubled its sales to nearly one million vehicles.

However, the company and stock analysts have warned that problems in the supply chain – including semiconductors and raw materials – could slow that torrid rate of growth.




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