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Town hall on coyotes Monday

A TOWN HALL on coyotes will be held on Monday in Huntington Beach (Shutterstock).

A town hall on the coyote situation in Huntington Beach will be held on Monday, May 9 at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 2000 Main St. (at Yorktown Avenue).

Members of the public are invited to attend for information on efforts made by the county and city to manage coyotes in Huntington Beach.

Representatives from OC Animal Care, Huntington Beach Police Department and Huntington Beach Fire Department will be on hand to answer questions.

Animal behavior experts advise residents who come across a coyote to

  • not run; walk slowly backward
  • frighten it away… shout, wave arms, throw objects
  • make yourself look larger.
  • report sightings using the MyHB app on your smartphone or tablet.

The issue of coyotes in the community came to the forefront with the recent attack by a coyote on a young child near the Huntington Beach pier. The girl suffered serious injuries which were not life-threatening. The coyote was shot by police.

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  1. I live in SeaCliff on the greens, but I’m currently in Texas for a couple weeks. I would definitely go to this meeting, as we cannot let our little dog go out in our own backyard because it will get taken away by a coyote. I don’t want to kill them I know they’re hungry animals, but I think we all have to get together and trap them and remove them from our city and if we have to do that a couple times a year that’s what we have to do

  2. Sorry to hear re child attack by coyote. We do not have trouble here at foothills in Rch. Cucamonga. We enjoy a variety of wild life here. Some younger adults jogging have come across coyotes with no problem. We have Bobcats, (Mountain Lions, Bears, Racoon families, Possums) with no problem. Some small ranchers will have horses and goats. We keep a neighborhood app to alert each other for open communication addressing any suspicious activity. This is very helpful to the community. People are aware to place small animal indoors during nighttime hours. Senior citizens will carry a large stick or rod if walking with small dog.

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