Garden Grove

Business tax rebate rebuffed

A PROPOSAL to offer an incentive to businesses to try “alternative” work weeks was shot down at Tuesday’s Garden Grove City Council meeting (Shutterstock).

A proposal to offer a 5 percent business license tax rebate program suggested by Councilmember George Brietigam was shot down at Tuesday’s meeting of the Garden Grove City Council.

The rebate would be intended to create an incentive to operate with “alternative” work schedules such as four working days of 10 hours, instead of the more traditional five days of eight hours each.

It would be available to businesses that have 10 or more employees.

The idea behind the program would be to reduce traffic and pollution as well as provide more free time for employees.

If all of the eligible businesses took advantage of the proposed program it would mean $89,000 in annual lost revenue, according to a staff report.

However, the council majority expressed skepticism, raising questions such as fairness to smaller businesses and the appropriateness of government in shaping business practices.

The issue was dropped without the formality of a vote.

The next scheduled meeting of the council is set for Tuesday, May 24.


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