COVID-19 took a local holiday

ORANGE COUNTY Health Care Agency stats on coronavirus showed a drop in new cases and deaths over the holiday weekend (Shutterstock).

The coronavirus appeared to take a local holiday over the Fourth of July weekend.

According to Tuesday’s report from the Orange County Health Care Agency, the number of confirmed new cases over the four-day reporting period was 2,662. That’s 665.5 per day.

The previous report showed an average of 1275 per day, nearly double that of the latest figure.

Deaths declined from 23 to zero and the use of intensive care units to treat COVID-19 patients fell from 32 to 30. Only in hospitalizations – from 212 to 227 – was there an increase. 

To date, Orange County has had 606,717 cases of which 575,284 are considered recovered. The total of deaths is at 7,126.

Over a long period, both the national and state pictures are different. The New York Times reports that – over a 14-day period – cases are up by 10 percent and deaths by 25 percent. Hospitalizations rose by 12 percent.

In California, cases are up by 17 percent and deaths are up by 20 percent over a similar time, according to Los Angeles Times.

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