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Abortion issue is not settled

THE AFTERMATH of end of Roe. v Wade (Shutterstock).

When the U.S Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade it ended a national abortion rights standard. But the struggle over when and whether pregnancies can be ended is far from over.

According to The Associated Press, pro-choice forces are pushing back strongly in courts and at the ballot box. The Dobbs v. Jackson ruling did not outlaw abortion; it said that the subject was up to the states.

In Utah and Minnesota, judges have ruled to delay implementation or declare unconstitutional state law restricting abortion and enough signatures have been gathered to put abortion rights on the ballot to be included in the Michigan state constitution.

Russians shut down gas pipeline

The largest gas pipeline serving Europe has been shut down – allegedly for maintenance – but there are concerns it may be a political ploy by Russia.

According to United Press International, Russia’s Nord Stream 1 carries an estimated 55 billion cubic meters from that nation to Germany. The pause to “test mechanical and automated systems” will be in place until July 21.

However, some energy experts are worried that the shutdown may last longer as retaliation against Europe’s condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Sports: Angels and Dodgers take a breather

After the Los Angeles Angels were swept by the Orioles in Baltimore and the Los Angeles Dodgers won their seventh straight game, both teams have Monday off. 

On Tuesday, the Blue Crew (56-29) will start a three-game series in St. Louis before coming back to California to visit the Angels Friday and Saturday. The Angels (38-49) have the unenviable task of hosting the AL West-leading Houston Astros for three games before facing the Dodgers.

The All-Star break is from Sunday to Thursday; the game is Tuesday, July 19 at Dodger Stadium.

Weather: Ready to get warm?

The West Orange County area can expect warmer weather over the coming days. The forecast for Tuesday calls for a daytime high of 79 and an overnight low of 63 under partly cloudy skies. On Wednesday, the skies should be mostly sunny with a high of 83 (64). Thursday will see a return of partly cloudy conditions with similar temps of 83 (65). Sunny weather is expected for Friday with a high of 87 (67).

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