Again, COVID stats up and down

ORANGE COUNTY Health Care Agency stats on coronavirus showed a drop in new cases and deaths in Tuesday’s report (Shutterstock).

You’re seen this headline before: confirmed new coronavirus cases in Orange County are up and down.

According to Tuesday’s report from the county health care agency, the latest report covering July 8-11 showed 5,172 new cases, an average of 1,293 per day.

That compares to Friday’s average of 1,527 and 666 a week ago.

Deaths declined from 19 on Friday to 10 on Tuesday. Hospitalizations increased from 277 on Friday to 287 on Tuesday. Use of intensive care units for COVID-19 patients declined from 34 to 30.

Nationally, The New York Times is reporting that – over a 14-week period – new cases are up 8 percent. Hospitalizations are up 17 percent and deaths are up 2 percent.

Los Angeles Times reports that – in California – new cases are down 5 percent and deaths up 29 percent.

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