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U.S. hiring boomed in July

HIRING INCREASED strongly across the U.S. in July (Shutterstock).

The U.S. job market defied predictions of a recession by adding 528,000 jobs in July and recovering all of the jobs lost during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to The New York Times, the Department of Labor on Friday issued its monthly report as the unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent, an historically low number.

“Today’s job report shows we are making significant progress for working families,” said President Joe Biden.

However, some economists think that a booming economy could increase inflation, leading to a boost in interest rates by the Federal Reserve system.

Jones must pay $45.2 million more

The damages that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones must pay for claiming that the Sandy Hook school massacre was a staged event are now over $50 million.

On Friday a jury in Texas awarded $45.2 million in punitive damages to the parents of a child killed in the incident, added to the $4.1 million he was ordered to pay on Thursday, according to The Associated Press.

Other legal actions are pending against Jones, who promoted the false idea that the victims were really “crisis actors” pretending to be dead as part of a conspiracy to rally support for stricter gun control laws.

Sports: Dodgers/Padres and Angels/Mariners

It’s all West Coast matchups today (Friday) for the Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers are hosting the San Diego Padres in a clash of the top teams in the National League West.

The Angels are in Seattle playing the Mariners.

On Thursday the Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants 5-3 and the Angels fell to the Oakland Athletics 8-7 despite hitting seven solo home runs.

Weather: Just a bit warmer

The West Orange County area will see slightly warmer conditions this weekend. The forecast calls for a daytime high on Saturday of 87 with an overnight low of 67 under partly cloudy skies. Sunday should be 86 (68) with sun. Monday and Tuesday will be slightly cooler with highs of 85 and 84 with mostly sunny weather.

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