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Historic cars on historic street

DIANNE BAIN, operator of the Friday Night Car Show on Main Street in Garden Grove (Tribune photo).

By Marilyn Lewis Tortolano/Orange County Tribune

Since Main Street in Garden Grove is the place where the history of the community began, it’s suitable but that it become a place for historic motor vehicles to gather, be admired and serve as a living museum of transportation history.

On Friday evenings, Dianne Bain, the organizer and owner of the Garden Grove Friday Night Car Show, is there, organizing, supervising and assisting with the weekly event that brings together hundreds of people and dozens of classic automobiles, some of vehicles almost as old as the downtown area itself.

“The car show is truly a community event,” said Bain, who’s been the boss of the gathering for four and a half years. “There are usually between 80 and 100 cars that participate each week.”

Attendees can dine at the restaurants on Main, and there is also live music, dancing and several vendors that add to the entertainment.

“We also have Scouts from Troop 1103 who attend once a month for special events to honor military veterans,” she added.

The highlight of each show are awards in a variety of categories in the form of custom-made trophies made by Rod Sexton each week. There are also raffle opportunities to dd to the fun.

Although the focus is on the historic, Bain doesn’t want the event to be stuck in the past. “I want to get more of the community to attend,” she says and is often trying new forms of entertainment.

But sometimes the tried and true are the best. There’s a pretty good chance that two celebrities – a Mr. and Mrs. Claus – will be in attendance this holiday season.

The shows are held – weather permitting – from 4-8 p.m. on Main Street between Garden Grove Boulevard and Acacia Parkway, one block west of Euclid Street.

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