Huntington Beach

15 “ghost guns” are seized

HUNTINGTON BEACH police seized 15 “ghost guns” (HBPD photo).

Huntington Beach police have arrested a man suspected of trafficking in “ghost guns” and seized 15 of the “untraceable” weapons.

According to the HBPD, detectives from the Special Investigations Bureau have been conducting an inquiry into the action of a man who they believe was actively involved in the sale of such firearms.

 A “ghost gun” is an illegal unserialized and untraceable weapon that can be purchased online and assembled at home. On Tuesday, officers stopped the suspect and found him in possession of three ghost guns.

A search of his residence turned up 12 more ghost guns, high-capacity magazines, narcotics and gun manufacturing parts.

The investigation is ongoing and police say more no more details will be released at this time.

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