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Lawsuit over coyote attack


A lawsuit alleging that Huntington Beach officials haven’t done enough to protect residents and visitors from coyote attacks has been filed by the mother of a child attacked by the wild canine.

Breanne Thacker’s claim is that despite “years of concerns and outcry,” city officials have insisted “there is little to be done.”

The attack took place on April 28 on the city beach north of the municipal pier around 9:45 p.m.

The 2-year-old child had wandered a short distance from her parents when she was bit on the head and the face. The attack lasted 12 seconds before her cries alerted adults who chased the animal away.

Huntington Beach police fatally shot two coyotes in the area, one of which matched a DNA sample from the attacking canine.

Since then, the city has updated its coyote management plan, including improved methods to track coyote movements and sightings.

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  1. How often are we using the whirly birds for aerial surveillance of our own citizens? Why don’t we look to purhase some AI coyote recognition software to automatically spot the animals when we are using helicopters? This is definitely a city and county problem, as coyotes don’t care about city border lines.

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