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Russian troops are pulling out

RUSSIAN TROOPS are pulling out of a key city in eastern Ukraine (Wikipedia).

In another battle that’s rolling back earlier conquests, Russian troops are being withdrawn from the key Ukrainian city of Lyman.

According to the Associated Press, the pull-back was in order to keep soldiers from being encircled by a Ukrainian counterattack. Lyman is located in the Donestsk region which Russia now claims to have annexed after a “referendum” widely regarded as a sham.

The Ukrainian army “will always have the decisive vote in today’s and any future ‘referedums,’” according to a tweet from that nation’s defense ministry.

Hurricane Ian death toll rises

HURRICANE IAN’s death toll is rising (Shutterstock).

Although no official statewide tally of deaths attributed to Hurricane Ian in Florida has been released, the total may be as high as 120.

The New York Times reports that in Lee County in Florida, “about 35” people have been filled. Across Florida about 1 million people remain without power and about 75,000 in North Carolina and Virginia.

South Carolina appears to have avoided any major damage.

Also in the news …. Brawls at a soccer match in Indonesia sparked panic which led to the deaths of at least 129 people, the AP. Police employed tear gas to quell fighting, but the clouds of irritant caused thousands to try to flee the stadium in Malang, trampling many.

Sports: Trojan defeat Sun Devils

Caleb Williams passed for 348 yards and three TDs as USC defeated Arizona State 42-25 on Saturday night.

The UCLA Bruins (5-0) upset 15th-ranked Washington  40-32 on Friday night.

BASEBALL: The Los Angeles Angels won their sixth game in a row on Saturday, defeating the Texas Rangers 3-2 to improve their record to 72-86, good for third place in the American League West. The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Colorado Rockies 6-4. The NL  West champs are 110-48.

Weather: Clouds on way out

Mostly cloudy conditions turning gradually to sunshine is the forecast for Sunday for the West Orange County area. The National Weather Service cakes for a daytime high near 78, with an overnight low of 63. Monday should bring patchy fog before 11 a.m. and sunshine after. The predicted daytime high is forecast to be 81, with an overnight low of 64. Tuesday will be similar, but a bit warmer at 85 (66).

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