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OPEC wants higher prices

THE GOOD OLD DAYS? (Orange County Tribune by Jim Tortolano).

If you’re getting sticker shock at the pump now, you may someday be looking back at the price you pay for a gallon of gasoline as “the good old days.”

On Wednesday, the Oil Producing and Exporting Countries+ agreed to cut production of oil by two million gallons of oil a day in an attempt to drive prices up.

Although it may seem like gasoline prices are already historically high, the prices of crude oil are low, based on the fear that an economic slowdown in the West will reduce demand, according to the Associated Press.

Earlier spikes in petroleum prices were prompted – in part – by sanctions against the importation of Russian oil in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine.

Tensions flare, missiles fired

In response to North Korea’s firing of a missile fired over Japan, the U.S and South Korea held a live-fire exercise on Wednesday, according to United Press International. 

Additionally, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan moved into the area, in a rebuke to the North Korean launch on Tuesday.

A missile launched by the South Koreans failed and crashed into the base from which it was launched.

Sports: Baseball playoffs are set

Although there are still a few games being played today (Wednesday), the Major League Baseball post-season field is set.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a bye in the league wild card series and will face the winner of the National League Division Series, which will be either the San Diego Padres or New York Mets.

That best-of-five series will start on Tuesday, Oct. 11. Whoever wins that series will advance to the best-of-seven league championship series seeking a trip to the World Series.

The favorite to win it all? The Dodgers, but who wouldn’t like to see the Yankees and super-hitter Aaron Judge meet in the Fall Classic starting on Friday, Oct. 28 and – if it goes all seven games – and concluding by  Saturday, Nov. 5?

Weather: Patchy fog continuing

What is this, London? The National Weather Services calls for “patchy fog” before 11 a.m. across the West Orange County area right through the weekend and Columbus Day … or, if you prefer, Discovery Day, or Indigenous People’s Day. The skies will clear by mid-day giving way to some sun. Daytime highs should range from 82 to 85, with overnight lows in the mid-60s.

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