COVID-19 stats “encouraging”

ORANGE COUNTY Health Care Agency stats on coronavirus show a downward trend in new cases, deaths and ICU use (Shutterstock).

Three of four metrics used to track the course of the coronavirus pandemic in Orange County point in an encouraging direction.

According to the county health care agency, the statistics released Thursday showed that the number of confirmed new cases declined from 1,598 last week to 1,495 this week.

The number of deaths fell from 18 last week to nine this week.

As for the number of intensive care units used to treat COVID-19 cases, that sank from 22 to 14.

The only major category trending in the wrong direction is hospitalizations, which increased from 124 to 133.

To date, the Orange County Health Care Agency reports a total of 669,278 coronavirus cases here. The death total is 7,459.

The OCHCA also reports that 2.35 million of about 3.2 million residents of the county are fully vaccinated, and another 209,790 are “partially vaccinated.”

Those who have received “booster” doses of the vaccine are at 1.379 million.

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