Huntington Beach

More charging stations OK’d

ELECTRIC CHARGING stations will be installed for the public in the Huntington Beach Civic Center (Shutterstock).

By Huw Pickering/Orange County Tribune

By the end of 2023, Huntington Beach residents will be able to drive their Teslas, Bolts and Prius cars to the Civic Center and charge up their motors instead of wandering around town looking for a place to plug in.

On Tuesday night the city council voted 6-0 in favor of a partnership with Southern California Edison to install 24 charging stations for the public’s use in the Civic Center at Main Street and Yorktown Avenue, across from Huntington Beach High School.

If the 10-year agreement is a success, residents who own electric vehicles could apply for a rebate to have charging stations installed in their homes.

The agreement approved by the city council calls for the installation of the stations in the lot to be completed within one year.


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  1. Who is paying for all these charging stations? Are the citizens of Huntington Beach who do not have electrical vehicles paying for those who do? I left a message comment yesterday and no one returned an answer I expect for you to do that thank you

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