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Hitting Russia in the oil barrel

A CAP of $60 per barrel for Russian oil has been agreed to (Flickr/Thomas Hawk).

A price cap of $60 per barrel of Russian oil was agreed to Friday by the Group of Seven major western powers, along with Australia in an effort to reduce the revenue coming into that country from the sale of petroleum.

According to the Associated Press, that move aligned with an earlier decision by the European Union as move to restrict Russia’s ability to finance its war against Ukraine.

Every reduction of $1 in the cap price means a cut of $2 billion in the Kremlin’s income.  Russian is one of the major suppliers of petroleum and natural gas to Europe and North Africa.

Here comes the Raider … eventually

The newest U.S. stealth bomber – the B-21 Raider – was unveiled Friday  in Palmdale, California. 

B-21 BOMBER artist’s conception (U.S. Air Force image).

According to CNN, the bomber, intended to be an improvement over the B-2 stealth bomber launched in 1988, will have greater ability to evade enemy radar and anti-aircraft systems.

The first test flight of the B-21 is expected for 2023. The original cost was set at $550 million; inflation could push that price to almost $700 million each. The Air Force plans to buy 100 of them.

The B-21 has been designed and will be built by Northrop Grumman.

Also in the news …. The 2024 Democratic presidential primary season will be altered to knock Iowa out of the first position and put South Carolina in that spot. Next will be Nevada and New Hampshire, followed by Georgia and Michigan.

Sports: U.S. vs. Dutch; USC loses to Utah


Having advanced to the “knockout” (single elimination) round of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the U.S men’s national soccer team will take on the Netherlands (also known as Holland) on Saturday at 6 a.m. Pacific Time.

Christian Pulisic ,who was injured scoring the USA’s only – and winning goal against Iran – has vowed that he will be ready to play in that game.

In the Pac-12 college football championship game in Las Vegas on Friday, Utah defeated USC 47-24. With the loss, the Trojans (11-2) – who had been ranked fourth in the nation – were probably knocked out of the four-team nationalpla

Weather: Sun, clouds, rain

There will be a lot of variety in weather conditions in the West Orange County area over the next several days. The forecast from the National Weather Service calls for mostly sunny skies on Saturday with a daytime high of 68 and and an overnight low of 55. Sunday will see some patchy fog followed by clouds. The daytime high should be 66 with a nighttime low of 51. There is a 40 percent chance of rain.



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