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GOP deadlock on Speaker pick

KEVIN McCARTHY fell short of being elected Speaker of the House on Tuesday.

A nearly unprecedented battle within the Republican Party on Tuesday stopped the usually routine process of choosing the new Speaker of the House of Representatives.

After three ballots, in which Kevin McCarthy of California failed to win a majority, the House recessed for the night. McCarthy, who was the minority leader in the lower chamber, was blocked from taking the post when 20 Republicans – members of the “Freedom Caucus” – voted  for fellow Republican Jim Jordan.

All Democrats voted for the new minority leader, Hakeem Jeffries, according to The New York Times.

The last time the election of a speaker – third in line to presidential succession – needed more than one ballot was in 1923.

Major storm coming to California

HEAVY RAIN is expected in northern and central California (Shutterstock)..

Northern and central California are in for another heavy dose of rain and winds on Wednesday and Thursday.

According to United Press International, a major storm could bring “excessive rainfall and flooding,” as well as snow at higher elevations. Mudslides and power outages are also a threat.

Also in the news … Patty Murray, 72, a Democratic senator from Washington state, was chosen Tuesday by the U.S. Senate as president pro tempore. That position is second in succession for the presidency after the vice president.

Sports:  Damar Hamlim’s injury roils schedule

The National Football League is in a tough spot, seeking to balance concern over the serious injury suffered by Buffalo safety Damar Hamlin Monday night with the impending end of the season.

During the game between Buffalo and the Cincinnati Bengals, Hamlin suffered a heart attack immediately after making a tackle, according to the Associated Press. The game was suspended and there is no decision as to when and if the game will be resumed.

The Bills and Bengals are competing with the Kansas City Chiefs for the number one seed in the American Football Conference.

Weather: Rain, rain, go away … soon

The West Orange County area with continue to bear rainy weather though Thursday, with a day of relief on Friday. The forecast for Wednesday is for light rain with a daytime high of 63 and an overnight low of 56. Thursday’s outlook is for more rain and cooler weather with a daytime high of 61 and and an overnight low of 48. If you can wait until Friday, the skies should be mostly sunny with a high of 62 and a low of 44.


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