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McCarthy: Speaker of the House

KEVIN McCARTHY was elected Speaker of the House on Friday after four days and 15 ballots.

After four days and 15 ballots, Kevin McCarthy was finally elected Speaker of the House of Representatives early Saturday morning.

Acccording to the Associated Press, the deadlock among Republicans was broken when McCarthy was able to swing a dozen conservative holdouts to support him.

The final tally was 216 for McCarthy, 212 for Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries with six members voting “present.”

There was more drama, though, before the issue was finally decided, as McCarthy confronted Rep. Matt Gaetz and tempers flared.

The Speaker of the House is usually the leader of the majority party in the House and is third in line of succession to the presidency.

Cease-fire? What cease-fire?

Shelling continues in Ukraine as the supposed 36-hour cease-fire proved to be a non-starter on Friday. According to The New York Times, Russian artillery fire still is aimed at territory held by Ukrainian forces.

The cease-fire announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin was dismissed by the Ukrainian leadership as “propaganda.”

In related news, France and the United States have agreed to provide Ukraine with light- and medium armored vehicles which are being replaced with newer models.

Sports: Hamlin breathing on his own

Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills players who suffered a heart attack Monday on the field during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, is breathing on his own.

The breathing tube was removed from his mouth and throat as he lay in his hospital bed on Cincinnati and he said, “Love  you, boys.”

He is now able to walk on his own and he’s continually showing signs of improvement.

Weather: Clouds, then more rain

It was nice to have a respite from the rainy weather in the  West Orange County area, but clouds and more rainfall are coming our way. Saturday’s forecast calls for cloudy skies and a daytime high of 64 with an overnight low of 56. Sunday will be partly cloudy with a high of 64 and a low of 51. Afternoon showers should roll in on Monday with thunderstorms on Tuesday.

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