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Orange school board fires supt.

ORANGE UNIFIED SCHOOL District Board of Education (YouTube)

Over the protests of many speakers, the Orange Unified School District Board of Education fired superintendent Gunn Marie Hansen on Thursday night.

By a 4-3 margin, the board voted to put her on paid administrative leave during a 30-day notice of termination. Also placed on leave was Cathleen Corella, assistant superintendent of education.

(The OUSD serves that part of Garden Grove east of Haster Street).

Ousting Hanson comes as a new conservative majority has emerged after the Nov. 8 election when Madison Klovstad Miner defeated long-time trustee Kathy Moffat by 221 votes.

Among the issues raised by the four members of the new majority are “parents’ rights,” ethnic studies and sex education.

The meeting lasted over three hours and only one person out of 60 making public comments supported Hansen’s dismissal.

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