Anti-shoplift bill submitted

PROPOSED legislation would make retail theft by a non-resident a felony in California (Shutterstock/Andrew Popov).

In an effort to stem the rash of retail theft ring robberies, Assemblyman Tri Ta (R-Westminster) has introduced a bill that would make it an automatic felony for non-residents to steal from retailers in California.

“California will no longer be a haven for shoplifting,” said Ta. “With this bill we are sending a clear message to these career criminals are not welcomed in our state and we will hold them accountable.”

Target, for example, reported that it lost $400 million more in gross profits to theft in California than in the previous year.

Ta, recently the mayor of Westminster, represents the 70th District which  includes Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Los Alamitos, Midway City, Rossmoor, Stanton, Westminster and portions of Huntington Beach, Santa Ana and Seal Beach.

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  1. Felony for ‘non-residents’? What kind of bogus category is that? Tri Ta is really doing something to fight shoplifting.

  2. I work for safeway and everday there is at least 75 or more prople stealing and were not allowed to stop them due to assault or being pepper sprayed so this non residents being held accountable is reduculous!STOP THOSE THAT LIVE IN CALIFORNIA BEFORE STOPPING THOSE THAT DONT!!!Come on use your damn heads and common sense!

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