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Will Ukraine get fighter jets?

F-16 FIGHTER JET (Wikipedia.

Having won promises from Western allies to send main battle tanks to their aid, the Ukrainian government is now pressing for fighter jets.

According to the Associated Press, the Kyiv government on Tuesday won support from Poland and the Baltic nations – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – for sending the jets.

However, major nations such as the U.S. and Great Britain have so far balked at the idea over concerns of provoking Russia.

France, however, is not as adamant, stipulating that the sending of jets didn’t weaken French defenses or ever “touch Russian soil.”

McCarthy, Biden spar over budget

HOW should the federal government reduce the deficit? (Shutterstock).

How should the federal government’s budget deficit be reduced? Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden have already begun verbal fencing on the issue.

According to The New York Times, Republicans now hold a slim majority in the House of Representatives but have not yet discussed which cuts they’d like to make in the budget.

President Joe Biden and House Democrats have asked for specifics on what Republicans would want in exchange for agreeing to raise the debt limit, which has now been exceeded by $31.4 trillion.

Also in the news … A man who walked into a Target department store in Omaha, Nebraska and began firing a rifle was shot and killed by police. No employees or customers were injured.

Sports: Lakers, Clips win; Kings fall in OT

THREE LOCAL PRO teams were in action Tuesday night (Shutterstock).

Both local NBA teams won close road games on Tuesday night.

  The Los Angeles Lakers (now 24-28) defeated the New York Nets 129-123 in overtime. LeBron James, back in the lineup after missing the previous game with a sore foot, scored 28 points. Anthony Davis also returned and scored 27.

  In Chicago, the Los Angeles Clippers (29-25) beat the Bulls 108-103. Kawhi Leonard led all scorers with 36 points.

 With the wins, the Clippers remain in second  place in the National Basketball Association Pacifc Division and the Lakers in fifth (and last place) in division.

  Hockey action saw the Los Angeles Kings (28-18-7) lose 5-4 in overtime to the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh. Despite the defeat, the Kings remain tied for first place in the NHL Pacific Division with the Seattle Kraken.

Weather: High 60s, sun and clouds

Moving toward the weekend, the West Orange County area can expect daily highs in the upper 60s and a transition from sun to clouds and back again. According to forecasts, Wednesday should see a daytime high of 67 and an overnight low of 42. Skies should be clear and sunny.

Thursday is expected to be partly cloudy with a high of 67 and a low of 49. On Friday, look for clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. The high should be 68 with a low of 46.

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