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$100m more for quake aid

EARTHQUAKE damage in Turkey (Wikipedia).

The United States will deliver $100 million more in earthquake aid to Turkey and Syria.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken made that promise Sunday during a visit Sunday to quake-ravaged areas of Turkey, according to United Press International.

“Profoundly saddened to see firsthand the devastation of the earthquakes in Turkey,” said Blinken in a statement. “The United States remains committed to doing everything we can.”

Over 40,000 people are dead in the aftermath of two quakes that hit the region on Feb. 6. The U.S. has already provided $85 million in aid.

North Korea fires more missiles

MODEL of a missile rocket put on display in North Korea (Wikipedia).

Could North Korea turn the Pacific Ocean into a “firing range”? 

Kim Yo Jong, influential sister of leader Kim Jong Un, suggested that possibility after her nation fired two ballistic missiles off its east coast.

According to the missiles were a warning to the U.S. and its Asian allies about staging military drills in the area.

Also in the news… Richard Belzer, a comedian and a TV detective on the “Law and Order” shows, had died at the age of 78.

Sports: NBA expansion: What are the chances?

Should the National Basketball Association expand soon to two more teams?

Jerry Colangelo, former director of USA Basketball, says yes. “And I think you [have] a couple of markets that make the most sense,” referring to Seattle and Las Vegas,” he said.

But NBA commissioner Adam Silver is in no hurry, insisting that the negotiation of a new collective bargaining agreement with the players’ union and making a new deal for broadcast rights must take precedence. “Then let’s think about expansion,” he said.

Weather: Some sun, and then …

Monday will be the last sunny day for a while for the West Orange County area, according to forecasts. The daytime high will be 72 and the overnight low will be 49. Most cloudy weather will move in with a high of 62 on Tuesday and a low of 46. There will be a 24 percent chance of rain.

Wednesday is expected to be partly cloudy with winds of up to 22 miles an hour and 9 percent chance of precipitation.

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