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4 Americans grabbed in Mexico

FOUR AMERICANS have been kidnapped in Mexico by members of a drug cartel (Shutterstock).

The FBI is offering a $50,000 reward for the safe return of four Americans kidnapped in Mexico, and the arrest of their abductors.

According to the Associated Press, the four had crossed over the border in Matamores in a minivan to seek inexpensive “tummy tuck” medical treatment when they found themselves in the middle of a “drug-related shootout” and were grabbed and taken away.

The Matamores area is contested by powerful drug cartels who are often engaged in violent combat with each other. Kidnap for ransom is also a danger for Americans and well-off Mexicans.

Mass vaccination for chickens?

OVER 50 million chickens have died in the U.S. from an avian flu.

As avian influenza kills tens of millions of chickens in the U.S. – driving up the cost of fowl and eggs – the Biden Administration is considering a program of mass vaccination.

According to The New York Times, the virus has already spread into mammals such as foxes and bears. There is some concern that the illness could mutate into a variety that could pose a danger to humans.

Also in the news … A passenger tried to stab a flight attendant and open the emergency door of a United Airlines flight on Sunday from Los Angeles to Boston, according to USA Today. Passengers tackled the man and held him until the plane landed.


Sports: New MLB rules spark more action

NEW rules seem to be speeding up baseball (Shutterstock).

The revolutionary rules being put in play for Major League Baseball are already having an impact in their preview in spring training games.

According to the Associated Press, the use of new rules – including pitch clocks, larger bases and bans on certain defensive shifts – have raised batting averages, scoring and cut game time.

Scoring is up to 10.6 runs a game from 10.3 and – perhaps as important – average game time is 20 minutes shorter.

Also ….The Los Angeles Kings will host the Washington Capitals this evening. Details will be available later.

Weather: Clouds, sun, clouds

More variety for the West Orange County area, as the skies seem to change every day. The forecast for Tuesday is sunny, with a daytime high of 62 and an overnight low of 45. Wednesday is expected to be partly cloudy with a high of 61 and a low of 45. Thursday will be similar, but somewhat warmer at 68 (52). Showers are expected to arrive on Friday with a high of 60 (45).

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