Garden Grove

Nav center hits a speed bump

TRASHY AREA behind buildings in the Newhope Street/Trask Avenue area in Garden Grove were cleaned-up in a joint project of police, public works, Cal Trans and other agencies. The end result is at below right (City of GG photos).

Plans for Garden Grove – and partners Fountain Valley and Westminster –  to establish a “navigation center” to house and assist the homeless have hit a bump in the road.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Garden Grove City Council is expected to reject all construction bids for the project and start the bid process over.

According to a staff report, two bids were received for the project, one for $4.8 million and another for $6.9 million. But “both bids have irregularities and may lead to protests.” City staff recommends rejecting both bids and re-advertising the project.

The proposed center is on a 0.41-acre site at 13871 West Street in an industrial area northwest of Harbor Boulevard and Westminster Avenue. It would accommodate as many as 80 people.

Garden Grove will be the lead agency and will operate the center in combination with the cities of Fountain Valley and Westminster.

Getting the center built and up and running is a priority for all three cities as anti-camping ordinances can only be enforced if there’s a place for the unhoused to be sheltered.

The council will meet at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Meeting Center, 11300 Stanford Ave.

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