Garden Grove

Plans to plant “electric” tree

A REAL eucalyptus tree (Wikipedia).

In Garden Grove’s rural days, many a farm or orchard was ringed by eucalyptus trees to serve as a windbreak.

It’s likely been a while since anybody planted a new, real eucalyptus tree in town, but a fake one may be on its way.

At the April 20 meeting of the Garden Grove Planning Commission, there will be a public hearing on a  request for a conditional use permit for the construction and operation of a 60-foot tall wireless telecommunications facility disguised as a eucalyptus tree at the northeast corner of Lampson Avenue and 9th Street.

Also on the agenda is a request for a conditional use permit to operate a new billiard/pool hall at an existing building at 10882-B Westminster Avenue.

The commission meets at 7 p.m. in the Community Meeting Center, 10331 Stanford Ave.



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  1. Eucalyptus grows well in hot climates, but its oil is extremely flammable. So a fake one makes good sense in this case! 👏

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