Garden Grove

Navigation Center moving again

THE NAVIGATION CENTER in Huntington Beach is an example of facility to serve the unhoused (City of HB).

Briefly-paused progress on a navigation center for the homeless is likely to start again at Tuesday’s meeting of the Garden Grove City Council.

The council will consider – and likely approve – awarding a contract for the construction of the Central Cities Navigation Center to Thomco Construction Co. in the amount of $4,267,450.

Plans to build that center, located at 13871 West St. stalled when the city rejected two unsatisfactory bids from other firms.

The County of Orange is providing $11,550,000 to the city for construction and operation of the center, including a one-time allocation of $5.3 million to acquire and rehabilitate the building, as well as 10 annual installments of $625,000 for operational cost starting on July 1, 2023.

Central Cities Navigation Center will provide beds for 85 people and offer counseling, mental health services, employment assistance and more. It will be a referral-only operation; clients will be transported to the facility.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting the council will consider awarding a contract to Volunteers of America of Los Angeles for the operation of the center, which will serve the unsheltered of Garden Grove, Fountain Valley and Westminster.

Cost of the first year of operation is put at $2,569,275, the second year at $2,697,739.

The city council will meet at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Meeting Center, 11300 Stanford Ave.

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  1. Look at all this money being spent to provide “” temporary” housing and ” services “. As a prior homeless person I find this outrageous at best and disingenuous at worst. Imagine instead of this plan, we took that same money and actually put homeless people into permanent housing like apartments or what other cities are doing tiny houses or whatever you want to call them. The county has already spent millions trying to fix this issue while the real homeless people are still on the street. 7 of 10 people who go into shelters exit back to the street so all that money and time spent was wasted. The longer one is on the street the harder it is to get them off. And no one wants to be out there despite what the media and even homeless people themselves tell you . None zero.

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