Huntington Beach

Eight speed limits lowered

THE LOWERING of speed limits on segments of eight streets in Huntington Beach was approved by the council on Tuesday (Shutterstock)..

Eight reductions in speed limits around town were approved this week by the Huntington Beach City Council.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the council voted 7-0 to adopt an ordinance for the following changes.

  • 17th Street: Pacific Coast Highway from 35 miles an hour to 30 miles an hour

  • Atlanta Avenue: Newland Street to Magnolia Street from 45 to 40
  • Delaware Street: Atlanta Avenue to Adams Avenue 35 to 30
  • Delaware Street: Garfield Avenue to Ellis Avenue 35 to 30
  • Graham Street: South city limit to Slater Avenue 35 to 30
  • Orange Avenue: 1st Street to 17th Street 30 to 25.  
  • Peninsula Lane: Summit Drive to Garfield Avenue 35 to 30.

The new limits become effective 30 days after adoption.

Also on Tuesday, the council approved the city’s action plan for federal Community Development Block Grants and Home Investment Entitlement Grants programs.

The next meeting of the council is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16.

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