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New record highs for Earth?

RECORD HIGH temperatures are predicted for the next five years (Shutterstock).

Planet Earth will heat up to record levels in the coming five years, according to scientists at the World Meteorological Organization.

The New York Times is reporting that the forecasters on Wednesdays said that global warming and the El Nino weather pattern will push past the old record of warming set in 2016 to new highs that will be the highest in history.

The possible effects of rising temperatures could mean heat waves, wildfires and drought. Some areas will get more rain and others less precipitation.

A debt ceiling breakthrough?

U.S. government will hit its debt limit on on June 1 (Pexels photo).

President Joe Biden was optimistic on Wednesday about the prospects of a break in the negotiations over the national debt ceiling.

According to United Press International, Biden said that meetings with Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and others were “productive” and that America isn’t a “deadbeat” nation that is willing to default on its obligations.

The deadline for a resolution is June 1. Republicans were demanding big cuts in federal spending in order to agree to raising the debt limit.

Florida bans transgender drag shows

FLORIDA GOV. Ron DeSantis (Shutterstock).

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday signed into law bills that ban drags shows where minors are present, prohibits schools from requiring children to state their “preferred personal title or pronouns, and bans the use of state funds for “gender-affirming care.”

According to the Associated Press, DeSantis said, “It’s kind of sad that we even have to have some of these discussions.” Democrats decried the actions as discriminatory.

Also in the news… The daytime Emmy Awards have been postponed because of the writers’ strike.

Sports: Angels vs. O’s, Dodgers vs. Twins.

The Los Angeles Angels, third in the American League West are in Baltimore to play the Orioles. The Los Angeles Dodgers, first in the National League West, are hosting the Minnesota Twins at Chavez Ravine.

Weather: Five days in the 70s

A combination of shady and sunny days are in store for the West Orange County area through the weekend and well into the coming week. The forecast for Thursday is for morning clouds and afternoon sun with a daytime high of 70 and with an overnight low of 59. Friday should be partly cloudy with a high of 72 and a low of 60. Saturday is expected to have mostly sunny skies with a high of 73 and a low of 60. 

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