Is woman-power taking over?

MT. RUSHMORE before the inevitable revisions (Shutterstock).

In this week of celebrating the independence and greatness of America, there’s a cloud on the horizon that’s threatening to change The Republic forever.

Fellas, listen closely, so I can mansplain.

The women are taking over.

Scary, I know! What would George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Wayne think?  Will Mount Rushmore have to be re-sculpted to depicts images of Eleanor Roosevelt, Sojourner Truth, Sandra Day O’Connor and Oprah Winfrey?

The vice president – a heartbeat from the presidency – is a woman. Until recently the next in line – Speaker of the House of Representatives – was a woman.

Look around locally. Three of the four city managers in our West Orange County area are women. Lisa Kim leads Garden Grove, Christine Cordon is in charge in Westminster and Hannah Shin-Heydorn is top gun in Stanton.

Only in Huntington Beach is there a man in the city manager’s seat – Ed Zelinka – and considering the political and financial storms revolving around 2000 Main Street, he might be considering a calmer career choice, such as a paratrooper.

Things look just as scarifying in the public schools. The superintendent of the Garden Grove Unified School District is Gabriela Mafi, who succeeded  Laura Schwalm. In the Westminster School District, there’s Gunn Marie Hansen, who replaced Cynthia Paik. Over in the Huntington Beach City School District, Leisa Winston is at the apex of the pyramid.

So where is all this going? Will the time-honored male tradition of top-down leadership give way to some touchy-feely ideas about cooperation and compromise? Will our institutions have to give up short-term thinking and plan ahead beyond the next fiscal quarter?

It’s a slippery slope. One day it’s hugging an award-winner at a board meeting and next it’s letting girls – girls! –compete in high school wrestling matches.

Guys, I hope you are as outraged about this as I am. It’s not too late. I plan on dedicating myself to the defense of testosterone in the corner office just as soon as  … Marilyn lets me.

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  1. This failed completely in attempts to be funny. Instead the mediocre and tired tropes about women remind your readership that Marilyn should make all decisions.

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