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Tulsa race lawsuit rejected

TULSA RACE Massacre in 1921 (Tulsa Historical Society).

A lawsuit seeking reparations for the survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre – also called the Tulsa Race Riot –has been rejected by an Oklahoma judge.

According to the Associated Press, Judge Caroline Wall on Friday “dismissed with prejudice” a legal action intended to create compensation for the incident, in which hundreds of African Americans were killed and the Greenwood district – at that time the most prosperous Africa American business center in the nation – was heavily damaged.

The massacre was triggered by a Black man riding in an elevator with a white woman. Sensationalist press coverage fanned the flames of race prejudice. 

Mexican airports taken over by military

In an effort to battle corruption and bad management, Mexican armed forces are moving to take control of the nation’s airports.

The Associated Press reports that the Mexican Navy is operating the nation’s busiest airport and the army and navy would take over almost a dozen more.

Issues noted are customs and immigration, as well as improving the cleaning of bathrooms and the handling of luggage.

The smuggling of drugs is also a major challenge.

Biden: Ukraine not ready to join NATO

Admitting Ukraine to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization at this time would be “premature,” said President Joe Biden in a TV interview.

The New York Times is reporting that such a move would only  be possible once a peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia was signed.

Otherwise, admitting Ukraine would trigger the NATO policy that “an attack on one is an attack on all, and put the U.S. at war with Russia.

Sports: All-Star break and Home Run Derby

The MLB All-Star Break is on through Thursday. The Home Run Derby is set for Monday and the All-Star Game for Tuesday in Seattle. 

The Angels will return to action on Friday, starting a three-game series hosting the Houston Astros.

The Dodgers also resume play on Friday, opening a three-game series visiting The New York Mets.

Weather: In the 80s now

Summer weather is finally arriving in our West Orange County area.  Monday will have partly cloudy skies with a daytime high of 82 and an overnight low of 61. Sunny skies will be ours Tuesday through Friday with daily highs ranging from 88 to 87. Partly cloudy skies will return for the weekend but with similar temperatures.

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  1. Clearly, human lives on this planet are not perceived as being of equal value/worth when, morally speaking, we all definitely should and even could be.

    In fact, human beings can actually be perceived and treated as though they are disposable and, by extension, their suffering and death are somehow less worthy of external concern, sometimes even by otherwise democratic and relatively civilized nations.

    A somewhat similar inhumane devaluation is observable in external attitudes, albeit perhaps on a subconscious level, toward the daily civilian lives lost in protractedly devastating war zones and famine-stricken nations.

    The worth of such life will be measured by its overabundance and/or the protracted conditions under which it suffers; and those people can eventually receive meagre column inches on the back page of the First World’s daily news.

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