Jaywalking rules are considered


By Jamilyn Moreau/Orange County Tribune

New jaywalking laws in a proposed ordinance are on the agenda for Tuesday night’s meeting of the Stanton City Council.

The proposed ordinance would prohibit pedestrians from standing, sitting, lying, or otherwise remaining on street median islands, as well as in retail or service business drive-throughs and adjacent areas.

California’s new jaywalking laws limited the ability of law enforcement to cite pedestrians. This proposal comes after a high amount of vehicle versus pedestrian incidents within the city.

The agenda also includes further discussion on the desired language for the ballot measure regarding term limits for the Mayor and city council members.

A month ago, the city council decided to move forward with directing city staff to draft an ordinance limiting both the mayor and city council members to three terms. Currently, the city has no term limit on the mayor’s position, while the city council members have a two-term limit.

The council will meet at 6:30 p.m. in its council chambers at 7800 Katella Ave. (west of Beach Boulevard).


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