Cubs roar, while Rams get sheared

CASE KEENUM (17) passed for 291 yards against the Giants but threw four interceptions in the defeat (Rams photo).

CASE KEENUM (17) passed for 291 yards against the Giants but threw four interceptions in the defeat (Rams photo).

Some folks – sports fans folks, of course – have said that October is the best time of the year. That’s a harmonic convergence when big league baseball, football, hockey and basketball are all going at more or less the same time.

mm-coach-logoIt’s a feast for fans, and an overflowing cup for sportswriters. So, a few quick notes to mark the month.

  • The Chicago Cubs will be the team of destiny in what might called the Drought Series. The Cubbies have not won a World Series since 1908, and the Cleveland Indians haven’t been in one since 1948. Since there are two snake-bit champions in this melee, we have to go with the boys from the Windy City, based on the precedent set by the Boston Red Sox winning the 2004 series 86 years after their last previous “world” title.
  • Is the secondary of the New York Giants really that good? Either it’s good or Rams’ quarterback Case Keenum isn’t ready for prime time. In the Rams’ 17-10 loss to the Giants in London Sunday, he threw for 291 yards but was also intercepted four times. Some are grumbling that it’s time to bring in Jared Goff to see what he can do. Here’s a better suggestion. Trade Goff and Keenum to the Vikings for the guy that the Rams passed up in favor of Goff. That’s Carson Wentz, who led the Philadelphia Eagles to a 21-10 win over the previously unbeaten Minnesota Vikings Sunday. Rams are 3-4; the Eagles 4-2.
  • The Anaheim Ducks won their home opener Sunday, defeating the Vancouver Canucks 4-2 to improve to 2-3-1. That’s two wins in a row after losing their first four games. The Rams and the Ducks are headed in different directions.

DEPENDING on how you count, local prep football is either in its eighth or ninth week. What with “Week Zero” games and byes, it’s hard to keep track of who’s who and where, so here’s a quick rundown of league standings and upcoming games.

Garden Grove League: La Quinta 7-1 overall, 3-0 in league. Garden Grove 6-2, 3-0. Los Amigos 5-3, 2-1. Rancho Alamitos 4-4, 1-2. Santiago 1-7, 0-3, Bolsa Grande 1-7, 0-3.

Empire League: Tustin 7-1, 3-0. Kennedy 5-3, 2-1. Valencia 2-6, 2-1. Pacifica 4-4, 1-2. Cypress 5-3, 1-2. Western 2-5-1, 0-3.

Golden West League: Santa Ana 8-0, 3-0. Segerstrom 8-0, 3-0, Westminster 2-1, 4-4. Ocean View 4-4, 1-2. Orange 5-3, 0-3. Loara 1-7,0-3.

Sunset League: Edison 7-1, 3-0. Newport Harbor 5-4, 3-1. Los Alamitos 5-3, 2-1. Huntington Beach 4-4, 2-1. Marina 3-5, 0-3. Fountain Valley 1-8, 0-4.

On Thursday, the games involving teams serving the Garden Grove-Huntington Beach-Westminster area are:

Rancho Alamitos at Santiago, at Garden Grove High; Los Amigos at La Quinta, at Bolsa Grande Stadium.

On Friday, here’s the lineup:

Western at Pacifica, at Bolsa Grande Stadium; Ocean View at Orange, at Fred Kelly Stadium; Loara at Westminster; Bolsa Grande at Garden Grove; Fountain Valley vs. Edison, at Orange Coast College; Los Alamitos at Huntington Beach; Marina at Newport Harbor, at Estancia High.

JACOB SMITH, Pacifica High School.

JACOB SMITH, Pacifica High School.

AND FINALLY, something non-football. Jacob (Jake) Smith, the top runner on the Pacifica High School cross country team, has signed with California State University, Fullerton with an athletic scholarship. Congrats to him and all the prep athletes who don’t get the same attention from the public and the media that certain other sports do.

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