Near-misses, net glory, wobbly coaches

EDISON and Pacifica are off to impressive starts in both boys' and girls' basketball so far.

EDISON and Pacifica are off to impressive starts in both boys’ and girls’ basketball so far.

A lot has been going on in the local sports scene over the past week, so let’s grab the old clipboard and start right in.

First off, congratulations to San Clemente High for winning the state 1-A championship 22-17 over Del Oro. That’s not exactly in our coverage area, but we do point out that the Tritons eked out a slim victory over Edison in the CIF SoCal title game. Our conclusion is that the Chargers could very well have become state champs themselves and certainly were one of the elite teams in California and the nation this season.

mm-coach-logoSpeaking of Edison (and yes, it happens a lot here), the Edison boys’ basketball team is not Band of Slouches, either. The Chargers are 4-0 and can only get better as they welcome back the football players who are also on the hoops team.

But wait, there’s more. The EHS girls’ team is also 4-0. Together, they’d make one powerhouse of a coed basketball squad, if that were ever to happen.

Just about as impressive are the pre-league records over at Pacifica High School. The boys’ team is 8-1, while the girls are 9-0. That’s a combined 17-1 mark. Expect both programs to have a strong run this January in the Empire League.

Can’t say we’re sorry that that Los Angeles Rams have finally pink-slipped Jeff Fisher as head coach. As the saying goes, “you are what your record is,” and Fisher was not a very good head coach, at least not with the Rams. He never posted a winning record or made the playoffs in five-plus seasons with the franchise.

There’s a ton of speculation about his possible successor and many want it to be a celebrity coach for a celebrity-obsessed area. But considering the embarrassing weakness of the offense, picking an up-and-coming offensive coordinator might be a better choice.

JOSH ROSEN was sidelined mid-season with a shoulder injury, and UCLA finished 4-8 (Wikipedia photo).

JOSH ROSEN was sidelined mid-season with a shoulder injury, and UCLA finished 4-8 (Wikipedia photo).

The next local coach whose job is on the line is UCLA’s Jim Mora. After four straight winning seasons, the Bruins are in ruins this year, finishing with a 4-8 mark and missing a bowl bid for the first time in his tenure.

Of course, it’s never just the coach’s fault. In this case, the season-ending injury to star quarterback Josh Rosen was a big factor in the team’s decline, but in the LA-OC area, losing is everything, regardless of the cause.

Mora, who is reportedly making more than $4 million a year – making him the highest-paid state employee in California – will doubtless be given the benefit of the doubt for 2016. But in a community where you compete for oxygen with USC, another 4-8 season in 2017 – or even 6-6 – might be enough to end the Mora era sooner than later.

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