Huntington Beach

Budget: Sunday library hours, body cams

THE CITY budget goes before the Huntington Beach City Council when it meets on Tuesday.

A $361.2 million budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 that includes funding for Sunday hours at the Central Library and additional body cameras and smart phones for police will be the subject of a public hearing at Tuesday’s meeting of the Huntington Beach City Council.

The total budget – called “Taking Care of Business” – includes a variety of public functions; the general fund spending plan is for $224 million. The overall budget represents a 4.5 percent increase in spending, and no net reductions or additions to staff. About 55 percent is devoted to public safety needs, including police and fire.

Regarding restoring Sunday library hours to 1 to 5 p.m., the council can choose between simply funding the total outright, which would cost $137,950, or shifting other hours during the week, at a net cost of $55,450.

The police department is requesting $220,000 to fund more body cameras ($160,000), smart phones ($60,000) and the first year of servicing those systems. Other noteworthy aspects of the total budget include a new roof for the city youth shelter, and installing curb cuts on city streets to meet requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

After the public hearing, the council can choose to either approve several resolutions to approve the budgets, or continue the hearing to the Sept. 18 meeting. By state law, the annual budget must be in place by Sept. 30.

The council will meet in a closed session at 4 p.m. with the regular session starting at 6 p.m. Council Chambers are located in the Civic Center, 2000 Main St. (at Yorktown Avenue).

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