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RV parking rule fines go to city council

RV parking on streets in Garden Grove now requires a city-issued permit. A schedule of fines for violating the ordinance goes before the city council on Tuesday night.

A schedule of fines for violation of the city’s new recreational vehicle parking regulations will be on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting of the Garden Grove City Council.

An ordinance approved in August restricted the parking of RVs on streets and alleys without a city-issued permit, but no financial penalties for violating the new rules were included.

The council will be asked to approve these parking violation fines:

  • $108 for the first violation
  • $208 for the second violation
  • $508 for the third and subsequent violations within one year of the first violation.

Under the new ordinance, residents may request up to 12 non-consecutive, 72-hour recreational vehicle parking permits for the sole purpose of loading or unloading before and after travel. Residents will be able to request both loading and unloading permits at the same time.

Residents requiring longer accommodations may request weekly parking permits not to exceed seven days per permit. No more than six weekly permits will be allowed per residential address per year with at least one day in between each of the six permits.

A valid permit will only allow recreational vehicles to park in front of the address of the resident applying for the permit. The ordinance does not affect private property.

The council meets in its chambers in the Community Meeting Center, 11300 Stanford Ave. at 6:30 p.m.

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  1. I think that when a city does things like this, they are being dictatorial. Unless the RV is a navagation hazard, screw the city if they think the RV is unsightly.

    People with RVs pay taxes for the streets too.

    How about when someone with an RV comes to Garden Grove for a two week visit? Do they have to get a permit to park in front of the house they’re visiting? Will the permit have a fee?

    I love Gatden Grove, but the city government seems to have always sucked.

    • What they are trying to do is remove people who are living in their motor home on city streets that aren’t actual ‘residents of Garden Grove’. I have a motor home and am lucky I have enough room on my driveway, but I feel like if its parked in front of my home, as an owner of both the home and the motor home, I should be able to park it on city streets for up to 24 hours without obtaining a permit. That’s just a hassle.
      And in your example about people visiting…. from what I can remember, the motor home has to be registered to a GG address to obtain a permit. So the visitors will have to find another place to park while visiting.

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