Huntington Beach

Action on new “smart poles” is delayed

HUNTINGTON BEACH City Council continued to Dec. 18 action on 200 proposed “smart poles” for the downtown and beach areas (OC Tribune photo).

Proposals to replace up to 200 light standards with high-tech “smart poles” in the downtown and beach areas stalled at Monday’s meeting of the Huntington Beach City Council.

Action on two items on the consent calendar was continued to the next meeting of the council on Dec. 18.

Philips is offering to pay the city a “deployment fee” of $50,000 in five installments for the exclusive rights to replace city light poles at 200 locations through downtown and along Pacific Coast Highway. A percentage of the rental revenue will go into the general fund, and if all 200 smart poles are installed, the city could get $400,000 a year.

According to a report from Kellee Fritzal, deputy director of business development for the city, “residents, businesses and visitors have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited amount of wireless coverage in certain areas of the city, and at particular large scale events in the downtown area.” Her report also cited the complaint that existing small cell facilities were not “aesthetically pleasing.”

The council is being asked to approve a license agreement with Philips, as well as authority for the city manager and city attorney to execute the deal.


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