Smoking ban in city parks advances

A BAN on smoking in public parks was approved at Tuesday’s meeting of the Stanton City Council.

A ban on smoking in the city’s parks was approved on a 5-0 vote Tuesday night by the Stanton City Council.

The ordinance enacting the ban will come back for a second reading and final adoption at the council’s July 24 meeting.

Stanton would be joining other area cities such as Huntington Beach that are curbing smoking for health and litter reasons.  The city has 10 parks, the largest of which is the 12-acre Central Park on Western Avenue.

Ordinance 1081, if enacted, would ban any smoking of a tobacco product, including electronic devices commonly known for “vaping.” Additionally, the use of any tobacco product is prohibited and carries with it a $100 fine.

The wording of the ordinance includes this definition of smoking:

“Smoking means the release of gases, particles, or vapors into the air as the result of combustion, electrical ignition, or vaporization and/or inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted, heated, or ignited cigar,cigarette, cigarillo; pipe, hookah, Electronic Smoking Device, or any plant product, including but not limited to tobacco and marijuana, intended for human inhalation.”

The ordinance goes beyond state regulations that prohibit smoking or tobacco use in parks near entrances and exits and near play areas.

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