Huntington Beach

Jet Noise Commission approved by council

HUNTINGTON BEACH City Council approved creation of a Jet Noise Commission on Monday (Orange County Tribune photo).

The creation of a Jet Noise Commission was approved unanimously on Monday night by the Huntington Beach City Council. The action is in response to numerous citizen complaints about increasing noise issues with nearby airports, including those in Long Beach and Orange County.

Under the proposal, application guidelines for potential commission members will be crafted within 90 days.

Flight paths, scheduling and noise abatement issues are expected to be addressed by the commission, which will succeed an already established committee.

“We’ve been investigating the terrible situation with jet noise over the city,” said Councilwoman Barbara Delgleize, who sponsored the creation of the commission along with Councilman Patrick Brenden. “It’s really a serious issue.”

Mayor Mike Posey commented that the creation of the commission would give the city a voice to meet with the Federal Aviation Agency, a chance to “be at the table.”

He added, “What is it they say? If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

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