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Candidate profile: Brian Burley

PROFILE for Brian Burley, candidate for Huntington Beach City Council.

Name: Brian Burley

Age: 25

Professional occupation: Information Technology Analyst

Education: Bachelor’s degree in political economy, USC

City of Residence: Huntington Beach

Public service, activism and volunteerism: USC funding delegate, Recover HB, Huntington Beach Senior Center, Project Self-Sufficiency

Immediate family members: Father – Brian Burley, sister – Elizabeth Byers, mother – Tracie Spencer-Burley (deceased)

Why I want to Run for Office: My passion in life is public service and that passion belongs here in Huntington Beach Where I am a young homeowner. I want to preserve what makes Surf City great. As your Councilman, I will do this by putting an end to High-Density Development, advocating for reinvestment in our city’s infrastructure, and by promoting a more secure long-term financial plan.

What are the three issues you believe are the most important facing the city and why?


1. High-density development: I will put an end to future high-density development. I have signed a pledge against HDD and I have taken on the biggest special interest in the city, which is the Chamber of Commerce PAC, aka the chamber of developers.

2. Homelessness: In my platform, HB2050 (brianburley.com/hb2050), I outline how we only have two officers dedicated to the homeless issue that are tasked with responding to complaints as well as getting homeless individuals into contact with nonprofits that can provide help. My platform shows what is needed for our city to afford more homeless-specialized officers.

3. Infrastructure: I am calling for an infrastructure spending increase. My platform shows how we can do this specially, and I will never raise any taxes but instead reallocate existing city resources.

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