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Candidate profile: Anita Rice

Name: Anita A Rice
Office being sought: Westminster City Council
City of residence: Westminster
Occupation: Planning Commissioner
Family: mother Margie Rice, 3 grown children; Michael, Michelle, & Robert
2 grandchildren: Cassie & Savannah
Education: graduated WHS, Golden West College & Coastline Community College.
Other public service:
Director of Westminster Museum
Advocate for special needs children & their parents.
PTA volunteer and room parent
Soccer mom and coach
Member of Springdale Baptist church
Board Member for  Rose Center Theater
Foster parent
Why do you want to run for this office?:
I have been taught since an early age that it is everyone’s duty to do community service. I  feel I can implement positive changes for the city of Westminster. I would like to see better communication and cooperation between our city Council and management.  We need transparency leadership and honesty in city hall and I  feel  I can make that happen. I want our city to grow and prosper for all. I want the citizens of Westminster to enjoy living here!
What do you think are the major issues facing your city, and what would you do about them?:
We need positive changes in city hall. Many of the programs are not being run efficiently. We have too much management and not enough people to do the tasks at hand. I would sit down with council and managers and see how we could improve on this.  I would like to see better communication with the school district, and the community. We need to continue educational programs with our police dept, teaching safety to our children. Our seniors need to be a priority in Westminster. I will support our first responders always. As without them we cannot survive. There are many businesses not paying taxes. I will take the necessary steps to change this. I want the tax payers money spent wisely so we don’t have to raise taxes again.
Illegal practices are also being allowed in city hall. I will change this  by getting proof and giving it to our police to prosecute.
Working with economic development will be a priority with me to bring in more successful businesses.  I look forward to redeveloping the site at Westminster Mall. Code enforcement is another dept. that I would like to help as they are not able to.keep up with the demands in our city. I would like to work with them to be more efficient. I  do not feel the commissioners are being utilized correctly. I want to make sure their meetings are held regularly and that the city council always listens and respects their opinions.
I feel since I have worked and volunteered in Westminster since I was a child, I know a lot about what is going on and ways of changing it. I have a background in management, so I understand dealing with people, running a good budget, organizing programs to be efficient, time management and I’m not afraid of hard work.
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