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Umberg widening lead over Nguyen

TOM UMBERG is widening his lead over Janet Nguyen in the race for the 34th State Senate seat (Umberg campaign photo).

Support for Democratic challenger Tom Umberg in Long Beach is pushing him into a widening lead in the race for the 34th State Senate District against Republican incumbent Janet Nguyen.

According to the latest figures available Tuesday morning – supplied by the California Secretary of State – Umberg now leads 133,302 votes to 130,770 for Nguyen across the district, which is mostly Orange County but which also crosses in Los Angeles County.

In Orange County alone, Nguyen has an edge of about 450 votes, but in Los Angeles County (Long Beach), Umberg is ahead by over 2,500 votes.

There are still some ballots to be counted, but as mailed ballots are calculated, Umberg’s lead has grown. In years past, absentee ballots tended to skew Republican, but with present-day mail voting, late-counting results tend to lean Democratic.

Umberg was elected to the state Assembly in 1990 and 2004, but lost bids for state insurance commissioner in 2000, state Senate in 2006, and Orange County Supervisor in 2007.

In the 74th Assembly District – which includes part of Huntington Beach – incumbent Republican Matthew Harper was apparently defeated by Democratic challenger Cottie Petrie-Norris. The latest figures show the challenger leading 103,298 to 93,171.

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