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No wall deal, and maybe no fire relief

THE PARTIAL shutdown of the federal government is in its 19th day.

The heat was turned up on Wednesday over the tug-of-war between President Donald Trump and Congressional Democrats over a proposed $5 billion wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

A day after the president’s national TV address – followed by a Democratic rebuttal –  the president reportedly walked out of a meeting with top opposition leaders, then tweeted “bye bye” as the partial government shutdown reached its 19th day.

The Associated Press reported that the meeting was short, and Trump left after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the president that re-opening the government would not lead to approval for the wall.

Also on Wednesday, the president said he had directed the Federal Emergency Management Agency to cut off wildfire relief aid for California until state officials “get their act together” and manage forests to reduce the threat of major blazes.

Newly inaugurated California Gov. Gavin Newsom said “Disasters and recovery are no time for politics.”




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