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U.S. Senate rejects Trump’s “emergency”

U.S. CAPITOL building, the seat of Congress, in Washington, D.C. (Wikipedia photo).

Twelve Republicans joined with Democrats Thursday as the U.S. Senate voted 59-41 to block President Donald Trump’s proclamation of a national emergency to fund his proposal for a barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border.

That vote followed a similar move by the House of Representatives to reject Trump’s efforts to raise $3.6 billion more than Congress had approved. However, the president indicated he would veto their action. 

Minutes after the Senate held its vote, Trump tweeted “VETO.”

Congress can still override the president’s veto by a two-thirds vote, but that’s considered very unlikely. 

Tuesday’s action to attempt to block Trump’s re-appropriation of money was the first time Congress voted against a presidential emergency since 1976, when the National Emergency Act was first enacted.

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