Term limit proposal headed to voters?

A PROPOSAL to impose term limits on the Westminster City Council could be sent to voters (Shutterstock).

Term limits could be coming to the Westminster City Council.

At Wednesday night’s meeting of the council, a motion to submit to voters a proposal to limit those serving as members of the council or mayor to a total of three terms – 12 years – lifetime won approval.

The vote was 4-1 with Councilman Tai Do voting no. Before that becomes official, the matter will have to come back to the council for approval of a formal resolution.

A committee of council members Sergio Contreras and Kimberly Ho had been appointed to study the issue of term limits, which are in place in most cities surrounding Westminster. However, they had separate recommendations.

Contreras suggested that the limit would be two consecutive four-year terms, then a “sit-out” period of two years, then eligibility for a third four-year term.

Ho suggested “12 years and never come back.” That’s the version approved by the council majority, and that action was approved on a motion by Mayor Tri Ta.

The reason for consideration of imposing term limits is “there is a perception of some sort of corruption” in Westminster politics, said Contreras.

According to the city attorney, the proposal would have to put be before voters in a general election, and would not be retroactive.

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