GGUSD dashes ahead on “Dashboard”

THE GGUSD is showing improvement across several instructional areas and is above state and county averages (Shutterstock).

Garden Grove Unified School District once again showed several areas of growth on the recently-released 2019 California School Dashboard, the state’s school performance and accountability website.

The dashboard displays five color-coded performance levels with GGUSD ranking green, a high-level ranking in five categories, including graduation rates, English Language Arts and mathematics scores, suspension rates, and college and career readiness rates. GGUSD students demonstrated growth since last year, earning high green rankings in five categories this year, compared to three green and three yellow rankings last year.

The Dashboard shows GGUSD’s graduation rate at 93.1% – a 2.5% increase from the previous year. Overall, it shows students’ English Language Arts scores increased by 3.5 points, and math scores increased by 4.2 points. Additionally, the district’s suspension rate is 2.8%, a 0.5% decline from the previous year.  GGUSD’s college and career readiness ranking increased by 1.6%

GGUSD also showed significant growth among student subgroups including 12.4 points of growth in English Language Arts and 9.9 points of growth in math among students with disabilities, as well as growth of 4 points in English Language Arts and 4.1 points in math among Latinos. The graduation rate for English Learners also grew by 2.8%.

GGUSD consistently outperforms the county and state average in ELA and math, as well as chronic absenteeism. GGUSD ranks among the “General Assistance” districts, performing higher than districts listed as “Differentiated Assistance” for not making progress in one or more student groups or priority areas.

The Garden Grove district is a K-12 system serving most of Garden Grove and portions of Anaheim, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Stanton and Westminster.

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