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HHS backs off on Fairview use

THE CORONAVIRUS, an affliction of the respiratory organs, has led to worldwide quarantines, and now is a concern in Orange County (Shutterstock).

SECOND UPDATE:  Plans to house people who had tested positive for the coronavirus at the Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa have been dropped by the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

The HHS made that announcement Friday afternoon in response to a temporary restraining order won by Costa Mesa.


UPDATE: The Huntington Beach City Council voted 5-0 Thursday to join Costa Mesa’s legal action to keep coronavirus patients from being transferred to a health center in Costa Mesa. The City Attorney will file an “amicus” brief supporting Costa Mesa’s efforts.

Absent for the vote at the special meeting Thursday were Councilmembers Erik Peterson and Patrick Brenden, according to the city clerk’s office.


Some people are fighting the feared coronavirus from China with masks. The City of Huntington Beach may go to battle via legal action.

A special meeting of the city council is scheduled for Thursday at 2 p.m. to consider in closed session the filing of an amicus –“friend of the court” – brief in support of Costa Mesa’s temporary restraining order.

Earlier this week a federal judge let stand an order requested by city officials blocking the transfer of anyone infected with or exposed to the virus from Travis Air Force Base to the Fairview Developmental Center in Huntington Beach’s southern neighbor.

Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael Gates has been vigorous in using the courts to oppose what he considers “overreach” by state and federal agencies with some success. The council will meet in its chambers in the Civic Center at 2000 Main St.

On Wednesday the County of Orange declared a local health emergency in response to the possibility that the restraining order in Costa Mesa is overturned. So far there has been one confirmed case of coronavirus in California.

A pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China was reported in December 2019 and was traced to a strain of the virus. As of this week, over 2,600 deaths have been confirmed and nearly 80,000 cases reported.

Quarantines are in place in China and world stock markets have been shaken by efforts to contain the spread.

Not yet the time to WAG(S)

If you’re planning to head to the Westminster City Council meeting tonight (Wednesday) to argue in favor of the Westminster Adoption Group and Services as animal care provider for the city you may want to hold your, er, horses or cats or dogs.

At the Feb. 12 meeting of the council, Councilmember Kimberly Ho moved to place an item on the agenda of today’s (Feb. 26) meeting postponing consideration of a decision.

But you won’t find that on the agenda. That’s because, according to City Clerk Christine Cordon, the process of evaluating the requests for proposals isn’t completed yet, so there’s no imminent decision to make.

From mosquitos to hotels?

The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Abatement District offices have been located in Garden Grove at Haster Street and Garden Grove Boulevard since 1947. The facilities there have been expanded and modernized since then, but it appears a still-growing county may need a bigger site.

A Usually Reliable Source indicates that the OCMVD is considering seeking a larger location and might be willing to sell that parcel to interested parties. It is close to the Garden Grove Freeway and the Fairview Road ramp and not that far from the Harbor Boulevard hotel district.

No predicting, just pointing out …

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